30 06, 2016

Protect The Primary Teeth

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A successful end result often comes from a solid foundation. This is definitely true when it comes to tooth decay and cavity prevention. If parents can instill in their children the importance of taking good care of their teeth starting at an early age the chances of them having fewer cavities increases greatly. It all [...]

23 06, 2016

Lazy Days Of Summer

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School’s out for the summer and with it some restrictions may be lifted. The kids aren’t on such a tight timeline and can stay up later and sleep in longer. The longer daylight hours allow more time for outdoor activities and spending time with friends and neighbors. We want our children to enjoy their summer [...]

16 06, 2016

A Significant Endorsement

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Most kids will find some sport that they truly enjoy and may even excel at during the middle and high school years. This is often encouraged as an extracurricular activity. Organized sports can help promote a sense of camaraderie among teammates and an understanding of the discipline it takes to be able to compete at [...]