21 07, 2016

Dealing With Bruxism

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It’s hard to record precise results from the studies that have been done on childhood bruxism because of the fact that it often goes undetected. Bruxism is more simply defined as tooth grinding. It is officially classified as a sleep disorder because the action goes on while the child is asleep. Episodes only last a [...]

14 07, 2016

Keep Your Cool

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If you know what to do in a dental emergency involving your own child you will be better able to remain calm if and when the situation arises. Keeping a cool head is the first rule when it comes to successfully handling any kind of crises. Kids play hard. Given that fact, the incidence of [...]

7 07, 2016

Get An Early Start

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It may be best to ask for help from a professional when it’s time to start teaching your child how to properly care for his own teeth. Even though he will need your supervision for the first several years of his life you may not have the skills needed to steer your child in the [...]