25 11, 2016

Prevention Is The Best First Step

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Just as the name connotes dental decalcification means that the teeth are losing calcium. Calcium is an essential part of your child’s nutrition as it helps to build strong bones and teeth. Without a sufficient supply of calcium you can expect to see a higher than normal number of childhood cavities. Dentists recognize decalcification as [...]

10 11, 2016

Technological Progress

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Anytime there is a breakthrough in the technology associated with pediatric dentistry it is news, especially when it makes some of the necessary dental procedures more comfortable for the patients and more affordable for their parents. The issues surrounding sedation methods used in the field of pediatric dentistry have long been of concern to parents [...]

3 11, 2016

Join In The Effort To Prevent Childhood Tooth Decay

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Dental professionals and caring individuals and corporations have come together to make up America’s Tooth Fairy: National Children’s Oral Health Foundation. The goal of the Foundation is to defeat the leading childhood disease in this country - tooth decay. The fact is that tooth decay can lead to serious infection, malnutrition, and affect the overall [...]