26 10, 2017

Early Protection Pays Off

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Kids go through so many stages from infancy through preschool, middle school, the teenage years all the way to young adulthood, and with each age comes new challenges. Dental issues also change along with each phase of the child’s growth. Pediatric dentists have gone through the extra training and achieved the expertise to deal with [...]

19 10, 2017

What’s Taking So Long?

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The process of losing primary teeth actually follows a specific timetable starting with the front two bottom teeth and going back and forth from top to bottom with the primary molars being the last to go. There may be some exceptions but most children have lost all of their primary teeth - the wisdom teeth [...]

12 10, 2017

Dispel The Fear

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If your child has had the advantage of being part of a pediatric dental home starting at an early age he or she has never experienced dental anxiety, they probably think of going to the dentist as a part of life’s routine. Not all kids are as lucky as your own, however, and all it [...]

5 10, 2017

Research Pays Off

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Is it time to find a pediatric dental home? You’ll want to look for a practice that will focus on your child’s needs and give him a headstart in the race against childhood tooth decay. How should you begin the search? A personal endorsement from another parent or the recommendation from your pediatrician would be [...]