30 11, 2017

Make It Fun

By |November 30th, 2017|Pediatric Dentist|0 Comments

Telling your kids how important it is to brush and floss and visit the dentist every six months may not be all that it takes to grab their interest. Your pediatric dentist or hygienist will be able to give you some tips on how to encourage kids to actually look forward to learning how to [...]

16 11, 2017

Grab Their Attention

By |November 16th, 2017|Pediatric Dentist|0 Comments

Teaching by example is often the best way to get through to children. Good oral health habits, for instance, are often passed down from parents and older siblings to the younger family members. When young children see someone that they admire brushing their teeth and flossing as part of a daily habit they will want [...]

9 11, 2017

Healthy Alternatives

By |November 9th, 2017|Pediatric Dentist|0 Comments

The incidence of childhood tooth decay and obesity in the US is extremely high and we can place the blame in part, on the fact that so many of the pre-packaged snack food and drinks that our kids consume are chock full of the sugar and fats that contribute to these statistics. Other then than [...]

2 11, 2017

Injuries May Occur

By |November 2nd, 2017|Pediatric Dentist|0 Comments

Every phase of childhood comes with its own specific challenges and risks. Studies have shown, however, that playground or sports field injuries, and falls are the most common causes of mouth injuries in particular. Risks of falling increase if the child has something in his mouth at the time. When a primary tooth has been [...]