Vehicle Vault and Their Unique Style

The Vehicle Vault is located in Parker, Colorado near Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry. The vehicle vault is a unique museum located in Colorado. The Vehicle Vault showcases rare cars imported from all over the world. The cars on display at Vehicle Vault are antique, rare and collectible vehicles. They offer events year round with the option of a small venue or a large venue. They can host anywhere from a 20 person gathering to a 700 guest banquet. They have accommodated many events including weddings, black-tie reception, public car shows and personal events.

Vehicle Vault hosts private events as well. For occasions with a unique touch, the Vehicle Vault provides the opportunity to showcase exotic and rare cars from the past. Many times trends in automobiles are regenerated from years prior. Trends for older cars such as design and shape are often used in modern cars to add a classic feel. Vehicle Vault showcases brands such as Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz and Cadillac. Vehicle Vault accommodates all events for a unique and personal evening. The venue is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of antique vehicles. Conveniently located 5 miles from I-25, next to O’Brien Park in Parker. Vehicle Vault is an easy and convenient option for event attendees.

There are currently four different spaces within Vehicle Vault that are able to be used for events and parties. The spaces include the board room, gallery mezzanine, gallery floor as well as entire Vehicle Vault gallery. As a result of these dynamic spaces, the options and event possibilities are endless. This allows for a range of events from conferences to parties to gallery celebrations. For further inquires, hosts can fill out an inquiry form on their website to receive further information regarding parties and events at their venue. Their gallery is noted as a very special and unique car museum.

Event guests and public car fanatics visit the venue to see the antiques up close. Visiting their museum allows one to be educated on antique cars and appreciate the beauty of them. Vehicle Vault partners with national and local organization in order to expand and educate the understanding of antique cars while informing the public on their collection. The Vehicle Vault serves as the hosts for countless regional and local automotive makers annually. Enthusiasts spend their evenings showcasing their antique and collectable vehicles. During these car shows and events, there is an aspect of learning taking place. Collectors learn about vehicles and exchange ideas with other collectors for future car shows and events. The event allows for networking between businesses.

The Vehicle Vault also offers custom garages at their venue. They offer distinctive and unique custom garage developments. Their spaces vary from 24 square feet to 80 square feet. Their options for garages depend upon the type of car, the size and the year it was manufactured. Vehicle Vault offers countless options, details and new and innovative ideas for enthusiastic all over Colorado.