Located on Mainstreet and South Parker Road, O’Brien Park in Parker, Colorado is often overlooked. The location alone is a bit shocking with being so closed to a popular intersection. Surprisingly, once you’re inside the park, you don’t even notice the buzz of the street. This park is a wonderful break from the modern city and offers a delightful scenery for those enjoying a beautiful day out. But the park has lots to offer with features easily missed by those bustling about their day. If you got a few moments of your day or even a few hours to kill, make a trip down to O’Brien Park!


This park has more than most parks have to offer around the Parker Area. There are two playgrounds located in this park, not place for toddlers. Don’t expect these to be your standard slide and swing-set playgrounds either! The park is equipped with well-kept colorful slides and plenty to climb on. Luckily for parents, there are lots of places nearby with tables and benches to keep an eye on your kids or to grab a quick lunch at.


When the weather is good, everyone can enjoy a good game! O’Brien Park has a perfectly maintained softball field. This lighted area can keep the game going even when the sun has set. The added benches allow for family and friends to enjoy a peaceful view of the game. If you’re not much of a softball field, there is also a basketball court available for use.


O’Brien Park’s gazebo adds a touch of class and elegance. It has served as a background to many events held in Parker, home of Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry, such as outdoor concerts and the Mayor’s Holiday Lighting. In fact, it’s a popular photo area and it’s not uncommon to see a visitor or two posing for a photo.

Outdoor Pool

Also called “Parker H2O’Brien Pool” this outdoor pool is opened during the summer but closes before fall. If you’re a water lover, this is a must-visit for you! With two water slides, a waterworks play structure, a spray garden, circulation and lap pool, and multiple sprays and geysers, there is a little for everyone to enjoy. You can also find a concession area and a shade pavilion for use. However, the pool has admission fees for children over the age of 2. But a season membership or pass can pay for in one summer. There are group rentals and rates for groups of 10 or more, as well as swimming lessons offered through a partnership with the American Red Cross.

A place for everyone sounds impossible, but O’Brien park is as close to perfection as it comes. With beautiful art placed throughout, contemporary playground equipment for the young ones, places for the sports lovers and a pool with various uses, this park is one not to be missed. So, if you find yourself in Parker, Colorado takes an hour (or more) and stroll on through then check out the Parker Arts, Culture & Events Center.