Meet the Top Rated Pediatric Dentist in Parker CO – Dr. Kathryn Kaelin

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Did you know that, according to the CDC, one out of five children in America has at least one decaying tooth that needs medical attention? Young children require the highest level of dental health care, even compared to adolescents who are more prone to unhealthy diets and sugary drinks. Youngsters’ dental frameworks undergo rapid phases of development that can sometimes change month after month.

Seeking quality care means looking for a quality dentist. If you reside in the Parker, CO, area, look no further than Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry.

Dr. Kaelin is a pediatric dentist who has over 22 years of experience in improving the dental health of children. She began as a private dentist in 1995 and then subsequently became a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, among many other dental associations. She was voted as the ‘Best of the Best Children’s Dentist’ for her careful and personal approach to the dental ailments of children, no matter how complex they may be.

Below are some of the services in which Dr. Kaelin specializes.

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Fillings for Cavities without the Scary Drills

Children are immeasurably more prone to cavities because they like sugary foods, and are more likely to brush poorly without flossing. A relatively new advancement in dentistry, the Icon no-drill treatment, allows a dentist to apply a treatment solution to fill a tooth and make it more capable of resisting further infection.

Dr. Kaelin will apply a special gel to the infected tooth, and then let it dry. She will then apply the Icon formula, which will seal any holes left by cavities without ever using a drill. The Icon no-drill treatment is usually for kids who have early signs of tooth decay, which is why it’s essential to have regular checkups and cleanings.

Kids and adults alike love the Icon treatment because it’s pain-free and relieves most of their anxieties when getting treatment for tooth decay. Gone are the days when the whirring of a drill and a grinding feeling in your mouth is the standard.

Cleanings for the Tykes

Children are only just starting to develop good brushing habits, and they tend to miss a spot now and again. Regular dental prophylaxes are essential to keep them from having tooth decay and other dental problems.

At Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry, we schedule cleanings every six months to keep your children’s teeth spotless. The service comes complete with a check for oral cancers and the automatic removal of stains.

Get to Know Your Friendly Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Kaelin is the highest-rated pediatric dentist in Parker, CO, and her online pages are full of glowing testimonials. She has a genuine passion for improving the teeth of children that goes beyond the four corners of her office. She volunteers for the local school and has been the sponsor of many children’s sports teams.

Dr. Kaelin is now offering virtual appointments, so if your child feels that something’s not right with their teeth, don’t hesitate to contact the Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry Team at (720) 674-8898 to discuss the possibility of a teledentistry appointment. You can also have a quicker look at available in-person appointment dates via their website.

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