Parker Pediatric Dentist – Dr. Kathryn Kaelin Is Proud To Be Open With COVID-19 Precautions

Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry prioritizes the safety of its patients and employees. As a responsible, holistic pediatric dentist in Parker, CO, they’ve instituted new protocols to protect against the COVID-19 virus.

The team’s goal is to minimize the amount of time you and your child need to spend at the dentist, which may require us to reschedule appointments to minimize patient interaction.

The following protocols will now take effect to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.

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Before Appointment

The practice will now only use digital forms prior to check-in. They will email the documents required to patients, and the patient can complete the forms online before the appointment.

When a patient arrives for their appointment, they will wait in their car and call or text the reception to let them know they’ve arrived. The receptionist will either escort the patient from the vehicle or let them know it’s all right to enter.

Patients should wear masks at the practice, and employees will provide masks to those who don’t have them. Employees will screen patients at the door by asking health-related questions and taking temperatures.

The practice is now offering teledentistry. Staff can pre-screen, text, or call patients to ensure they’re feeling well. Dr. Kaelin will, where possible, provide off-site appointments.

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During and After the Appointment

One parent can accompany patients. Dr. Kaelin asks that siblings please remain at home or in the car to limit the number of people in the practice.

Bills will be paperless in the future, so parents will no longer need to sign card receipts. At the end of the appointment, patients will be able to select a prepackaged toy.

The practice will allow sufficient time between appointments to sanitize the waiting area, doorknobs, cabinets, chairs, and lights. Staggered appointments minimize the chances of patient interaction.

Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry Interior

Changes at the Practice

Patients will notice that the waiting room looks slightly different. The practice has purchased new furniture that’s easier to sanitize, and the chairs are spaced six feet apart to maintain social distancing.

All superfluous items in the waiting area are gone, including toys, remotes, games, magazines, and anything else the virus might find hospitable.

The clinical staff now use the recommended personal protective equipment, including:

  • N95, K-95, and Level 3 masks
  • Face shields
  • Gowns
  • Gloves
  • Hair coverings

The receptionist will reschedule elective procedures where possible and will accommodate emergency appointments when possible.  

The accounts department encourages patients experiencing financial hardship to contact the practice. They’ve established management plans for those that:

  • Have a reduced income due to the virus
  • Don’t have insurance
  • Pay cash

This parker pediatric dentist now uses medical-grade aerosol terminators, which purify the air by removing and destroying viral particles.

Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry COVID-19 Precautions

Keep Your Child Safe With Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry’s COVID-19 Protocols

Have you put your child’s dental care on hold because of COVID-19? If so, schedule an appointment with Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry in Parker, CO today. The team is taking every precaution to keep patients safe while maintaining proper dental hygiene.