The Parker Arts, Culture, and Events Center (Parker PACE) is a center that was designed to recognize the local culture of Parker. Specifically, the Parker PACE provides access to the arts, history, culture, and scientific programs that otherwise would not be available in the area. The Parker PACE is not limited to one physical location. It actually includes the PACE Center, The Schoolhouse Complex, Ruth Memorial Chapel, and Discovery Park near the Historic Mainstreet Rd in Parker.

There are many shows and events happening at Parker PACE year round. During this time of year, you can enjoy adult lectures, family series, as well as musicals. There are also special guests who make appearances at Parker PACE from time to time. Howie Mandel will be making an appearance on January 22nd. If you are a member of Parker PACE, you may even get the opportunity to attend the meet and greet with Howie Mandel!

Other events at Parker PACE include comedy nights, performances by local high school students, bands, and pageants. For specific details of these events and to buy tickets, visit this website:

There are also a variety of educational events that occur at Parker PACE. These include classes for both youth and adults. Some of the adult classes are focused on the topics of dance, music, science, senior enrichment, and travel just to name a few. Some of the children’s classes are on the performing arts, culinary arts, digital arts, or language arts, just to name a few! The staff from Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry likes visiting the Arts Center.

There are also camps available for kids. Some of the camps are conveniently offered during school breaks so that parents do not have to worry about arranging childcare. Plus, the kids get a rich learning experience instead of just sitting at home and complaining about being “bored” all day!

The camps cover a variety of subjects including music, arts, robotics, theatre, and special theme camps like Minecraft and Harry Potter!

If you are looking for a family event, look no further! Parker PACE offers the Discovery Series for families. The cost is just $5 per person and the whole family will discover new things about art, culture, and science. Don’t worry if you have small kids in your family, the events are kid-friendly and kept to just one hour so that your kids do not lose interest!

If you or someone you know is planning a wedding, be sure to check out the venues available through Parker PACE. You can choose to have your wedding at the PACE Center, the Schoolhouse, or the Ruth Memorial Chapel. There are a variety of flexible and affordable packages available so you won’t have to stress about the details of the ceremony and reception. Parker PACE also has a list of caterers on hand so that you do not have to search around for the best of the best. You can choose a caterer and the types of beverages you would like to serve at your event and be stress-free!

Overall, Parker PACE has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a kids camp, a show for the family (or just the adults), or planning a wedding, you’ll be able to find it at Parker PACE!