History gives a huge impact on our lives, and it is the whole series of past events connected in us, particularly in our culture and society, and norms. Memories are a big part of our history. If you want fun and bold history in your life with your family and friends, you must come and visit the town of Parker, Colorado. This town is full of surprises. If you prefer adventuring historical places come, and you will surely love and enjoy this place.

There are five things you must do in visiting the Historic Main Street in Parker, Colorado.

First, you must go to O’Brien Park. This is Parker’s main park, where you can do outdoor activities, this park also includes fields for outdoor activities for softball, baseball, basketball, and swimming, public swimming pool with many kinds of water gimmicks and slides for the kids, plaza area where you and your loved ones can have a picnic, and live art that artists exhibit.
Second, if you love skating go to Parker Ice Trail at Discovery Park near Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry, you must come in winter; relish the experience of skating in the only ice trails in the country, that its skating path is roaming through the park reminiscent of its frozen river, lake, and canals. Third, if you want to buy commodities, souvenirs, local food, and crops at affordable prices go to their Farmer’s Market, it is held every Sunday from May to October downtown.
Fourth, we know that we all love dogs, so go to the Dog Park & Golf Courses, where we can exercise and train our dogs, and also we can play golf while we rest our dogs.

Fifth, is to walk in downtown, where you can see many public art exhibits that can help you grow your understanding to their cultures and history, and society, you can also play musical instruments, you can see the art pieces of every local artist of the town, showing to you the connection of art in love, life, courage, and pride.

There are also main events in Parker, Colorado, such as Barker Day and Christmas Carriage Parade, you could also check out the Vehicle Vault. First is the Barker Day is where it welcome dogs and their owner in this event to have fun playing with their dog to the dog field’s and swim their dogs in swimming dog-only pool, equipping the physical abilities of their hounds, and buy some food and commodities for them from dog-related vendors. Lastly is the Christmas Carriage Parade, it is the parade for equestrian made up of many of horse-drawn coaches, surreys, and stagecoaches from across Colorado, all wrapped up for the event. You can also pet the zoo, ride the pony’s, winter market, have a picture with Santa, enjoying games with Santa’s elves, and watching a live ice sculpturing.

This town may be small, but it is full of love, art, and fun. This place is the place for you to enjoy and relax. Come and visit.