How mouth guards prevent dental injuries

You might have noticed athletes wearing mouth guards. What is the purpose of the mouth guard? Learn how mouth guards prevent dental injuries.

Protecting Teeth

When you smile, you send a pleasant welcoming greeting to others. Of course, if your teeth are in great shape, then your welcome will be even more inviting. Taking care of your teeth serves aesthetics, confidence and functional purposes.

Children with great teeth will tend to be more out-going. They will have a pleasant appearance and won’t lack self-confidence. They will let their inner strength shine through their smile.

A missing tooth might prevent you from getting the most out of life. Some employers might not hire you. Be pro-active – protect your teeth while young.

Getting Hit in Face

Few sports, except for boxing, involve the intentional goal of hitting someone in the face, but accidents happen. Football, hockey and basketball all involve different risks for getting hit in your teeth. Unfortunately, if you are hit by a puck, and not wearing a mouth guard, you might lose a tooth or two.

Unfortunately, when your tooth is broken off, it leaves an unpleasant gap in your mouth. Your teeth are supposed to operate together.

Therefore, losing a top tooth will impact the tooth underneath it. You won’t be able to properly chew food. Chunks of food will get stuck in the gap left by the missing tooth.

Violent Collisions

Being pro-active can make all the difference during organized sports or recreational activities. Because of the shape of your jaw, your top teeth tend to stick out more, so they are more likely to be damaged.

Even though, basketball is a non-contact sport, you are bound to get hit by an elbow from your own team mate or an opponent. A mouth guard can prevent your teeth from being chipped.

You should probably wear a mouth guard for the contact sports, such as boxing, hockey and football. Basketball is a judgment call.

You also might need a mouth guard to protect your braces. A blow to your face could lead to your lips being torn up by your braces.

A custom-made mouth guard fits your teeth perfectly. The boil and bite mouth guards fit better than pre-formed mouth guards.

Biting Down

When certain things happen, your body has an instinctual defensive response. For example, when you are stressed out or in a violent collision, you will tend to bite down. This is a simple, instinctual, defensive mechanism.

Without a mouth guard, you might bite your tongue, cheek or lips. The mouth guard protects your body against dental injuries during athletic competitions. You never really know what will happen, but it pays to be careful.

Wearing a mouth guard could prevent expensive dental repairs. Especially when children are involved in sports – they should wear mouth guards to protect their still developing teeth. Protect your teeth and have healthy teeth throughout your life.

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