KOR Whitening Treatments

When children reach a certain age, and definitely when they enter into the adolescent years, they begin to place more of an emphasis on their physical appearance.   Since a smile is a big part of the first impression others will have of us, pre – teens and teenagers want their teeth to look as good as possible.  Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry recognizes that this need can be considerable.

When having teeth that are less than perfectly white becomes an issue it can result in your adolescent losing his self-confidence.  He may begin to keep to himself more and more because he’s finding it uncomfortable to communicate with his peers.  A professional tooth whitening procedure may be appropriate at this point.

Pediatric dentists are in agreement that whitening baby teeth is not recommended, but once the permanent teeth are in place it can be a safe process if done in a professional environment.  Bleaching additives can cause an increase in tooth sensitivity and could affect existing dental work.  Dr. Kaelin can provide custom fitted bleaching trays that will decrease the likelihood of any damaging side effects.

If you are considering the various methods of tooth whitening Dr. Kaelin will be more than happy to share her expertise.


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