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We’ve Got Your Kids Covered – Mouth Guards in Parker, CO

  • We offer custom mouth guards for many different reasons

  • Sports mouth guards are popular for kids playing football or any other contact sport

  • Mouth guards can be used for sleeping, teeth grinding, teeth clenching, snoring and for many other reasons

Dr. Kaelin is a dentist that is an expert in creating custom mouth guards for kids
Through many years of working as a kids dentist in Parker, Dr. Kaelin understands that it is important to keep all of our little athlete’s teeth safe. Sports Dentistry is for everyone even if you don’t consider yourself an athlete. It is the branch of sports medicine that deals with the prevention and treatment of dental injuries and related oral diseases associated with sport and exercise.

She has made specialty mouth guards for young athletes just starting on a team, to competitive athletes in high school, to parents participating in adult leagues.

Sports injuries and accidents can happen at any time. Dental injuries are mostly preventable when a custom-fitted mouth guard is worn.
Properly fitted and properly maintained mouth guards offer protection from broken teeth, knocked out teeth, cuts to lips, cheeks, tongue, and gums, and they also help protect against a broken jaw.

Dr. Kaelin has an interest in Sports Dentistry and is a mom to two competitive athletes. She is a member of the Academy of Sports Dentistry.mouth guards parker co

She has made specialty mouth guards for young athletes just starting on a team to high school competitive athletes to parents participating in adult leagues. Mouth guards are recommended for any sport or activity that has the chance of contact or collision such as baseball, softball, mountain biking, weight lifting, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, football, skiing, snowboarding, etc… even jumping on a trampoline!

We recommend and fabricate in our office a dual laminated guard which is made under high heat and high pressure. Athletes can design their guard and personalize it with a choice of color, design, sticker, or numbers. They are inexpensive, comfortable, and allow the athlete to breathe and talk while playing without the worry that it will fall out. It is a safe and cosmetic choice for athletic equipment.

Dr. Kaelin works with and speaks to individual athletes, local teams, coaches, parents, and booster clubs about dental trauma prevention, mouth guards, and treatment.

“The Elizabeth High School Football Booster hired Dr. Kaelin and her staff to come to our school before the 2016 season started and fit as many of our football players with their specialty mouthguards.  It was a successful day and many of the boys were able to just make one trip to her office to pick up the finished piece.  The office paid special attention to making sure the mouthguards were comfortable in each boy’s mouth.

The comments I heard from many of the boys, including my own son, was that they could breath easier when they had them in, that their mouthguard felt snug in their mouth so it did not fall out but, at the same time, it was very comfortable.  What was very helpful to the team was how they marked each mouthguard with a number so if it was left around or misplaced it was easy to return to the right player.  We will contract with them again in the 2017 season to do this again for the team.”

Susan Leonard, EHS Football Booster President

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