White Fillings and Crowns

Baby teeth serve many purposes.  Your child will keep his baby teeth well into his elementary school years and they will help him to speak clearly, allow him to chew his food properly and let him feel good about his smile. Baby teeth set the stage so to speak, for the permanent teeth that are developing below the surface.

You can see that it is important to keep the baby teeth healthy until they have run their natural course, and sometimes they do need help from a pediatric dentist.  Dr. Kaelin is aware of the importance of a child’s self-esteem and is pleased to provide the finest innovative approaches to pediatric fillings and crowns.

Silver fillings are very durable and work well for the primary molars that are way in the back of your child’s mouth.  But if a front tooth needs to be restored a white filling or crown is usually preferred.  At Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry we feel that children should be able to take advantage of the aesthetic benefit of a natural looking material just as their parents can.

If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in the Parker area Dr. Kaelin and her staff of associates would love to meet with you and discuss your children’s dental needs.


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